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Herbs and Spices Planting Guide

A Herb and Spice Garden

Five Good Reasons

Establishing a herb and spice garden, if space allows, is becoming more and more popular for many good reasons, as herbs and spices are plants that can be used in a number of useful ways.

 They can be eaten raw, used to improve the flavour of a variety of cooked foods or used to make herbal teas with fresh or dried herbs. Home grown organic herbs and spices will also taste much better than dried products available from supermarkets. If you grow your own you will be able to harvest them fresh whenever you need them. Herbs such as basil, coriander and rosemary are so much better when used fresh, so when growing these herbs and spices for use in your kitchen try and grow these as close to the kitchen door as possible.
(b) Herbs and spices are easy to care for as most repel pests and as many are perennial so can be harvested for many years. With the added bonus, that once established they are easy to propagate and will provide many free plants to expand your herb garden, give away as gifts or sell. They will also attract many beneficial insects to your garden which will help fight against pests and diseases that may affect your vegetables, fruit or nuts.
(c) They add colour with beautiful flowers and some wonderful aromas to your garden.
(d) They have numerous health benefits, have a wide variety of medicinal uses and can be used to make your own home remedies, skincare products or potpourri. 
(e) Growing and drying your own will save you money, as those small containers or packets sold in supermarkets are very expensive.  


Plan your herb garden carefully to select the herbs and spices most useful to you and your family and ensure any taller plants are where they are most suited for your particular garden layout. The variety of herbs suitable for the Mediterranean climate are plentiful and some are easier to grow than others. Some are easy to grow from seed and others are better bought as established plants. Seeds can be started in a propagator or in pots outside and can be transplanted to their final position when a healthy size.


The following table will provide details on many of the herbs and spices growable in a Mediterranean climate with information about how to grow, care, use your produce and the nutritional and medicinal qualities of each.